Yeti-Farms is an outdoor, all-sun cultivation farm and extraction facility. We are an experienced extractor specializing in custom forms of Shatter, Wax & Live Resin concentrates for the medical industry. We utilize a custom blend of hydrocarbons (propane and butane) that best suits the trim we receive from our clients. We pride our self on quality and simple pricing.

With all of the different price models, Yeti decided to simplify things for our clients.  We will perform our extraction processes for a flat fee and provide you with 100% of the final returns.

Our processing fees are simple flat rates and very favorable for those averaging over 16% returns. Yeti Farms extractions achieve above industry standard returns averaging over 26%, costing as little as $5.00 per gram of finished and packaged product. Your product will encounter only the finest quality of propane and butane.

Turnaround time is usually 7-10 business days! Custom packaging and labeling available.

Please Inquire Within for Processing & Wholesale Inventory

Yeti Farms strives to set the standards high in production and presentation.

Packages are returned in gram form in a 100% Opaque Packaging to ensure all concentrates are 100% Compliant. These are easy to handle & easily showcased on your shelves. We believe this is a form of art and shouldn’t be hidden in a box.

Serve off a slab? Have a need for half grams? No Problem! We can accommodate most requests for a small additional fee. Place your custom order now and see what we can do for you!

All prices are for  Colorado Medical & Recreational Licensed facilities ONLY. 

Our Wax & Sauce are uniquely crafted by using the area’s finest propane and butane gases. The Shatter process includes an extra dewaxing chamber to help maintain clarity and to ensure the true Shatter consistency.