Our years of experience and knowledge have created “The Best Damn Dab in the West”. You will enjoy our concentrates extracted from Marijuana grown under the Pueblo desert sun. Our crops are cultivated in a proprietary custom live soil blend that is all-natural.

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Blue Dream

She is our strongest Sativa, 90% dominant hybrid. Has been known to create an intense head high. Hold on to your boot straps!

Jack Herer

About an 80% hybrid Sativa, a true legend. Our strain is the XJ13 Cut. She is a real wild ride!

Skywalker O.G.

A Sativa dominant hybrid at about 50/50. She is floral accented with hints of jet fuel.  Grab the reins, you’re going for a jet ride!

Durban Poison

A 70% Sativa dominant hybrid. This legend started in South Africa, and perfected on the Pueblo Plains.   It’s a wild Bronco ride!

Sour Donkey Kong

A 60% Sativa dominant strain.  A Colorado strain, cross of sour diesel and Donkey Kong. A true rocky mountain “high”!

Girl Scout Cookies

An Indica dominant hybrid strain “the forum cut”. This strain mixes cool mint and chocolate with a creamy finish, just like you remember. As familiar as your favorite saddle.

Orange Crush

Our strongest Indica, a beautiful blend of blueberries and dominant orange.  Perfect for a campfire, looking at the stars.


The mythical legend lives at Yeti Farms. A perfect medical blend of 50/50 THC and CBD, a very rare dosage. Prescribed from the original Shaman.