Our years of experience and knowledge have created “The Best Damn Dab in the West.” You will enjoy our concentrates extracted from Marijuana grown under the Pueblo desert sun. Our crops are cultivated in a proprietary custom live soil blend that is all-natural.

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REC STRAINS                                               MEDICAL STRAINS:

Birthday Cake                                              Alien Rock Candy

C99 x BB                                                       Gelato

Chem 91                                                       Jack Herer

Cornbread OG                                             New York City Diesel

Darkstar                                                        Quazar

Do-si-dos                                                      Siloam OG

Exodus Haze                                                Skywalker OG

Granola Funk                                               Sour Donkey Kong

Jack Herer                                                    Sour Tangie

Kakalak Haze (Pheno Type 5)                     Unicorn

Lemon OG                                                     Violator Kush

Maui Apple Diesel

Moonshine Haze

New York City Diesel

Scott’s OG

White Banana Cough