Yeti Farms founder Shawn Honaker has come a long way in life. An Indiana Native raised in a loving but strict home, he learned early the value of hard work. Typical of the farming agricultural community he grew up in, Shawn had his first job at 9 years old.

As Shawn came of age he had many jobs and businesses ranging from car maintenance to lawn care, later commenting this experience was priceless in cementing his focus on self-sufficiency. Once at college with his entrepreneurial experience and drive he focused on Business Finance as his major. A year away from graduating with a Degree in Business Finance he dropped out to start his career in Finance.

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After a few years working in corporate finance sales, Shawn had saved enough money to start his first business. With some strategic purchases and moves Shawn developed commercial property in Rifle, Colorado and built up a thriving trucking business by his late twenties.

Living in Colorado since he was 20, Shawn experienced the Colorado lifestyle and jumped in full-heartedly, operating a small hobby ranch in Rifle while running his businesses. Shawn then watched the legalization of marijuana, both medical and recreational, and realized he was the perfect person to work in the industry.

Shawn then started the long process of building Yeti Farms. Over the next few years Shawn perfected his grow skills, specializing in soil grows using Colorado’s natural sunlight.

The Pueblo-based Yeti Farms is an anomaly in the marijuana business as it grows outdoors in the sun. In an industry where much of the product is gown in hi-tech, indoor, artificial lighting, Shawn went back to his agricultural roots and started farming again. All of Yeti Farms’ marijuana is grown outdoors in Shawn’s proprietary soil and under the natural sun.

Today with his wealth of cultivation knowledge and experience, he has focused on extracting from Yeti Farms Cannabis the finest Shatter, Wax, Live Resin & Full Spectrum Extracts. The cornerstone of Yeti farms is his high-quality product “Blonde Sugar”. With a planned 2016 launch of his new private label product “Blonde Sugar”, Yeti Farms will raise the bar on quality and consistency in the extraction marketplace.