Shawn Honaker, Founder of Yeti Farms, has come a long way in life. A native of Indiana, and raised in a loving but strict home, he learned the value of hard work early on. Typical of the farming community he grew up in, Shawn had his first job at just 9 years old.

Throughout high school, Shawn had many jobs and businesses ranging from car maintenance to lawn care. He once said that these experiences were priceless in cementing a focus on self-sufficiency.

At college, he majored in Business Finance, but less than one year away from graduating, the entrepreneurial spirit grabbed hold and he quit school to start his career.

After a few years working in corporate finance sales, Shawn had saved enough money to start a business. With some strategic investments, Shawn developed commercial property in Colorado. Later in his twenties, Shawn built up a thriving trucking business that served the oil and gas industry. In the beginning, he was the first and only employee of the company, but within a few years, he built it up to a multi-million-dollar operation with over 70 employees.

After several years of intense work and long hours, he sold the business and thought he would retire as a 30-year-old millionaire. However, the entrepreneurial spirit couldn’t be silenced, and after a brief period he once again ventured back to the challenges and rewards of building a new business.

cannabis - Yeti Farms

Honaker was an indoor cannabis grower since back in 2004, but always wanted to move his operations outdoors. In 2014, using the proceeds from the sale of his business, he started the long process of building Yeti Farms. Over the next few years, he perfected his cultivation skills, specializing in using natural techniques under the Colorado sun.

In an industry where much of the product is grown in hi-tech, artificial indoor environments and lighting, Yeti Farms is somewhat of an anomaly, as it grows its plants outdoors in real dirt in the clear sunshine.

Harnessing his midwestern agricultural roots, Shawn developed proprietary soils and methodologies that have made Yeti Farms one of the most respected growers in the industry.

Honaker now offers this expertise through his consulting service. Although many people jumped into the sector, few are actually making money. Honaker attributes his success to keeping it simple and building his company by adhering to the “cost-per-gram” philosophy. He teaches how to take the “cool factor” out of the business and develop a no-frills, actionable plan that focuses on affordable operations, management, and most importantly, making a profit.

In 2020, Honaker entered the edible side of the business and introduced the Yeti Yummies and Yetibles line of gummies, which quickly grew into some of the fastest growing products in Colorado. These popular products will soon be available nationwide through licensing and manufacturing agreements.

As he looks toward the future, Shawn is committed to continuing to raise the bar on quality and consistency, and providing the best quality products in the cannabis and cannabinoid marketplaces.